Tyler Skrabek

I am currently freelancing and always up for new challenges, where I can collaborate with amazing people and companies to bring their ideas to life.


Sandwich Spectrum

Have you ever thought to yourself “How does this sandwich compare to other sandwiches”? Well with the Sandwich Spectrum you no longer have to think about it you can look instead! Simply place your sandwich on the spectrum from the absolute sandwich, Meatloaf, to the most sandwich “Dagwood”.

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I want to Belive

Inspired by the iconic posters found in the 1990s television series X-Files, this rendition of the classic ‘I WANT TO BELIVE’ poster will look perfect on any x-files fans wall.

Fire Engines of the World

From large to small fire engines play a vital role in our society and this one of a kind poster showcases the various shapes and sizes of the world’s Fire Engines in stunning detail. Featuring fire engines from Europe, New Zealand, China, North America and Russia. This poster is perfect for anyone interested in or showing an interest in firefighting.

Rockets of the World

Rockets of the World showcases 52 of the most unique, historical, and influential rockets from every space faring country. From the German V2 military missile to America’s Saturn V moon rocket this poster compares and showcases the various sizes, styles, and dimensions of the world’s Rockets. This poster is perfect for children to adults interested in learning more about space and space travel.